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Program Highlights

Student Publications and Presentations

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QMSS Course Selection

QMSS provides students with an interdisciplinary environment in which to pursue their studies. To see a sample of our course offerings, CLICK HERE

QMSS Research Assistantships

See how QMSS supports Columbia researchers and builds opportunities for its students to engage in cutting edge research.

Check Out our Three Focuses!

One of the most important recent innovations at QMSS has involved the creation and enhancement of subject-specific focuses: Research Analytics, Data Science, and Economics. With varying degrees of flexibility, these curricular tracks provide structured plans of study in specific areas of interest. These concentrations are designed to enhance the program's relevance, efficacy, and overall value to its students.

Research Analytics

Research Analytics Focus is an innovative, flexible, interdisciplinary social science degree that focuses on quantitative research techniques and strategies. It integrates the perspectives and research methods of seven research areas spanning many disciplines and provides students with rigorous training in quantitative research, with an emphasis on written and oral communication about research techniques and findings. These skills prepare QMSS graduates to enter (or further) an analytical or research career or to continue their education in a PhD program.

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The Economics Focus provides students with a framework for a comprehensive and rigorous Master's-level course of study. Since its launch in 2012, we have significantly improved the Economics Concentration to better suit student interests and qualifications through enhanced integration with Columbia's world-class Department of Economics. QMSS students concentrating in Economics now have tremendous flexibility to tailor their educational experiences to ensure the best fit with their backgrounds, abilities, interests, and goals.

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Data Science

The Data Science Focus provides top-notch, formal Master's-level data science training for social scientists. Students in the concentration have access to a set of cutting-edge courses, including machine learning, natural language processing, data visualization, and social network analysis. Graduates of this track have the potential to revolutionize the social sciences as the analysis of "Big Data" plays an ever-expanding role in the exploration of the economic, political, and social world.

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