The QMSS curriculum offers unparalleled opportunities for students to tailor their coursework to the particular techniques and topics of interest to them. The example elective transcripts below are individual courses of study designed and completed by recent graduates of QMSS in addition to their core coursework. They are intended only to illustrate the flexibility and possibilities available to QMSS students. 


STAT W4105: Probability 
PUAF U6033: Decision Models & Management 
INAF U8690: Managing Complex Emergencies 
INAF U8385: Managing Global Political Risks 
POLS W4910: Quantitative Political Research 
ORLJ Y6040: Fund Conflict Resolution-Institutional Context 
INAF U8909: Environment Conflict & Resolution 
Thesis - The New Crisis Reform Thesis: Public Disapproval and Wasted Opportunity


POLS W4911: Analysis of Political Data
INAF U6899: Program Evaluation: Domestic & International
HUDK Y4022: Developmental Psychology: Childhood
HUDK Y4029: Theories: Human Cognition and Learning
HUDK Y4021: Developmental Psychology: Infancy
Thesis - The impact of native language ability on early literacy achievement


ECON G6219: Advanced Microeconomic Analysis 
ECON G6805: Public Finance I
ECON G6308: Political Economy: Theory & Empirics
MATH S2500: Analysis and Optimization
PSYC W4285: Multidisciplinary Approach to Human Decision Making
MATH W4061: Introduction to Modern Analysis I
POLS W4210: Research Topics in Game Theory
MSTM Y5032: Topics in Geometry/Topology
Thesis - Us Against the World: An experimental economic examination of local and global institutions, norm enforcement, and public goods.


QMSS G4071: Advanced GIS & Spatial Analysis
QMSS G4016: Regression Models in Temporal Processes
HUDM Y6030: Multilevel Longitudinal Data
SOCI G6125: Analysis of Categorical Data
EDPA Y4033: Comprehensive Educational Opportunity
Thesis - Beyond the Test Score Gap: Non-Cognitive Skills, High School Graduation, and Post-Secondary Employment


POLS W4292: Models in Panel/Time Series Data 
QMSS G4060: Survey Methods
POLS W4911: Analysis of Political Data
QMSS G4070: GIS & Spatial Analysis
Thesis - TV Gets Social: Evaluating Social Media Data to Explain Variability Among Nielsen TV Ratings

QMSS G4060: Survey Methods 
QMSS G4070: GIS & Spatial Analysis 
PUAF U4400: Campaign Management 
POLS G8526: Comparative Democratic Processes 
POLS G8223: Legislative Behavior & Institution 
POLS G8219: Elections 
POLS W4360: Math Methods for Political Science 
POLS W4912: Multivariate Political Analysis 
Thesis - Personalized Treatment Effects: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment

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