QMSS has established partnerships within and outside the university to provide its students with a variety of opportunities for growth and career development. 

International Summit for Careers in Economics

QMSS is proud to have partnered with the premier master's programs in economics: Duke University, New York University, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, and Boston University, as well as The National Association for Business Economists to collectively present the biannual International Summit for Careers in Economics (ISCE). For registration and more information on the International Summit for Careers in Economics (ISCE), please see the ISCE page hosted by Duke.

American Language Program

Many incoming QMSS students come from overseas, so QMSS has developed a partnership with the ALP program to help its students enhance their English skills as well as to comply with University policy regarding language proficiency stating:

“All non-native English speakers must demonstrate proficiency in the English language. Upon arrival at the University, students may be required to have their English language skills assessed by the American Language Program (ALP) of Columbia University. Should the assessment results warrant, students may be asked to take English language courses in addition to those in their department of study.”

This partnership is for students who are interested or who demonstrate a need for advanced study in academic English. The QMSS director and/or coordinator of the program may require students to register for an ALP class at the beginning of the semester based on English skills demonstrated during the application process or the student may register on their own if they desire. These students will be allowed to take such courses with reduced coursework and a personalized number of hours so as to make the program helpful and not add additional academic stress.

We will honor the course credits you take within this program toward your graduation credits because we believe that enhancing academic English knowledge is part of the necessary ability to create and analyze quality research.

If you are interested in the ALP program please visit their website and get in contact with them. Make sure to tell them that you are a QMSS student and feel free to contact Gregory Eirich (gme2101@columbia.edu), program manager for QMSS if you need help.

For more information visit:

American Language Program, Columbia University
504 Lewisohn Hall, MC 4113
phone: 212-854-3584
e-mail: alp@columbia.edu

National Opinion Research Center (NORC)

NORC at the University of Chicago serves the public interest and improves lives through objective social science research that supports informed decision making. It is an independent research organization known for excellence, innovation, and effective collaboration.  Working with NORC experts, clients obtain the data and analysis needed to drive evidence-based decisions and improve public policy in fields such as health, education, economics, crime, justice, energy, security, and the environment. Dedicated to the public interest for 70 years, NORC has helped a wide range of clients identify and address society’s most urgent challenges.

Through its partnership with NORC, QMSS is proud to offer internship, research, and employment opportunities for QMSS students interested in public opinions research.

International Year of Statistics

The International Year of Statistics ("Statistics2013") is a worldwide celebration and recognition of the contributions of statistical science. Through the combined energies of organizations worldwide, Statistics2013 will promote the importance of Statistics to the broader scientific community, business and government data users, the media, policy makers, employers, students, and the general public.

The goals of Statistics2013 include increasing public awareness of the power and impact of statistics on all aspects of society, nurturing Statistics as a profession, especially among young people, and promoting creativity and development in the science of Probability and Statistics.