Partner with us

The QMSS Innovation Lab was established with  the goal of generating bold ideas; providing an interdisciplinary perspective; developing thoughtful methods; and working with data for the public good.

QMSS partners with organizations in the public and private sectors on projects that enable students to apply their research and data science skills while providing value to the partner organization. Innovation Lab projects typically synthesize the statistical, computational, engineering and social challenges involved in solving complex real-world problems. Projects typically progress through the following phases:

  1. Background and problem definition
  2. Data wrangling, munging and cleaning
  3. Exploratory Data Analysis
  4. Coding prototypes of algorithms and models
  5. Data Visualization
  6. Reporting, communicating and ethics discussion
  7. Productising any models or algorithms if applicable

For more information about partnering with QMSS, find out how it works HERE.

This Lab is also designed to have a strong student-focused orientation and support individual or team student projects and research ideas that they would like to explore and work on independently while pursuing their degree. In addition, QASR, the QMSS student organization, works to explore specific topics of interest to students through panels, book discussions, and workshops to expand on class-based learning and research.